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Best authentic Japanese and Thai food in Buffalo, NY
Taka and Khin, restaurant owners moved to Buffalo in 2012 with the dream of giving exemplary care to customers, making them feel at home and cooking them delicious, healthy food at affordable prices. At Teton Kitchen, our philosophy is to treat our customers like our family.

Chef & owner Taka who’s originally born in Japan knows how to take care of Japanese and Thai cuisine with over 10 years of experience. He worked in Izuei Kabayaki restaurant in Nagata Cho, Tokyo, Japan for 7 years and was a sushi chef in the States for almost 4 years before opening Teton Kitchen in 2013.

WhatOur Customers Say

Robin T.
This is not just a place to eat for me, but a home away from home. Takka, the owner, Is the most kind, generous and amazing human being I have ever met. Every time I have been there when he is there he talks to EVERYONE in his dining room. His Wife Kym is gracious, caring and takes pride in their food, but always makes sure the food is to everyone's liking.
Tom D.
Without going into a lot of detail about each dish and drink we had - I must say the real "Off the Chart" rating goes to the owner Taka who is by far the very best in customer service anyone will find. So - if you want to find a gem within a gem within a gem - stop in to Teton Kitchen and give the place a shot!
Yvonne B.
One of the best sushi places in town! Teton Kitchen is one of my favorite Thai/sushi restaurants that is close to home. My family and I have been here a few times and we always go home satisfied with the food and the service. The menu is extensive and the prices are reasonable.